Theatre Review: Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing Returns… Again? By: Angelina Kemmett, ’18 If critics crushed the 1987 movie Dirty Dancing, why would it be revived on stage?  The answer is simple: decades-long audience adoration that shows no signs of slowing.  In reality, it is not a review from a professional… Read More

Ava’s Goodbye

Well, the time has come for me to log out. Working on the Mirror has been a dream – a dream that Angelina and I created together. We started with a lot of ideas – meeting at a coffee shop over the summer and scribbling… Read More

The French Exchange Experience

     After months of preparing, the French exchange group flew to Paris, France on the night before Easter. The group consisted of Ashley Murphy, Alison Madsen, Jake Hogan, Stefan Ceccherini, Kathrine Parella, and me, Rada Ruggles, accompanied by our school’s French teacher, Mrs. Gaffey… Read More

Junior Night

The evening of April 26th was Matignon High School’s annual Junior Night. The event was a night to celebrate both the junior class’s achievements and to recognize that we will soon be the leaders of this school. First, there was mass led by Father Nedder… Read More