Football Update!

On October 20th at Russell Field, Matignon’s football team played a great game against Lowell Catholic High School. So far, this home game has had the most spectators, both from Saint Joe’s and Matignon. The game itself did not have much action until the second quarter. With 0-0 as the score before the half, many were not expecting Matignon’s touchdown. With two and half minutes left in the first quarter,  Captain J. Aubry (number 14) scored a touchdown! Matignon missed the two point conversion, but it did not stop them. A minute and a half later, Aubry scored again! These points put Matignon in the lead with twelve points. Missing the conversion again, Matignon played their best until half time.  Like the first and second quarter, the third started off slowly. Although no points were scored by either team during the third quarter, a couple of Matignon players were walked off the field because of an injury. Despite the inconveniences, the Warriors played their best until the end of the game. When the scoreboard reached 5:20 during the last quarter, A. Gonzalez (number 15) got a touchdown. Following the six points, the Warriors also made the two point conversion! The Matignon Warriors held onto their lead for the remainder of the game.

football game 3
Photos by Rada Ruggles.

They had won 20-0 against Lowell Catholic! The cheerleaders, football players, coaches, students, and parents were ecstatic about our win! Following the game, the cheerleaders and football team took pictures to complete senior night.

football game 2
Photos by Rada Ruggles.

Overall, the “pink out” football game was a wonderful win for Matignon, as it was their first this season! For seniors, Friday’s game was one closer to their last at Matignon High School.  Don’t forget to support them November 23rd at Russell field on their last game!

By Amanda Curran

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