Acadec Goes For The Gold At First Competition

On November 18th, Matignon’s Academic Decathlon team competed in the first round of competitions at North Reading High School. This year’s theme is Africa, meaning that all seven tests are centered around the culture and politics of the continent. Matignon placed 14th out of all 20 schools competing. While this may not seem like much, it is a giant step forward from last year, when the team had fewer than ten members overall. The team’s numbers have now nearly tripled, and we hope the team continues to grow! Overall, Michael Aliberti scored highest out of the entire team, with Jackie Lemieux coming in second and Joseph O’Connell as the third-highest scorer. Michael Aliberti also received the top score in Mathematics, Economics, Science, Literature, and Art, with Jackie Lemieux as the top scorer in Music and Joseph O’Connell as top scorer in Social Sciences. Outside of team awards, members of the Matignon Acadec team accomplished even more. In the Art category, two medals were won by Matignon, with Michael Aliberti winning bronze and Joseph O’Connell winning silver. Joseph O’Connell also received a silver medal in Social Sciences and scored 4th place overall in the entire competition. This is an exciting year for the team, as they have many new members and can’t wait to get started on moving up in the rankings.

By Katie Coviello

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