An Inspirational Evening With Rob Surette

On November 17th, Matignon’s Parents Group hosted an “Inspirational Evening” with 1989 alum, Rob Surette. He is a self-taught artist and as well as a speed painter. Rob creates six-foot paintings in about two to five minutes. Over the years, he has drawn characters for Disney, Star Wars, Dreamworks, DC Comics, and Muppets. Other than his drawings, Rob himself has been featured on a Super Bowl commercial, The Today Show and Good Morning America twice, The Tonight Show, Oprah Winfrey Show, along with being a four-time world record holder. Despite his traveling, Rob has always come back to Matignon to share his talent and advice to Matignon students, families, and friends. Close to 200 people attended this event, including former classmates and family members of Rob. Through his paintings, music, and narration, Rob truly impacted every individual in the crowd. His paintings focused on creating a better future, helping the needy, and never giving up on your dreams. Overall, Rob Surette is not just an artist, but is quite the performer as well! To see more of Rob’s work, visit .

By Amanda Curran

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