Hip Hop Club’s First Rehearsal!

It was a big day for the Hip Hop Club- the members got their first after-school rehearsal successfully in a dance room, located in Cambridge.

This rehearsal was managed by Daniel Gao, the Chairman of Hip Hop Club. “The rehearsal is preparing for the incoming stage performance on Music & Art night this month”, he said. “Also, the fees of dance room leasing is count as head-fee for each club members before the rehearsal, it is our public money!” said Daniel.

Throughout the two hours rehearsal, everyone tried their best in practicing: the dancer tried to find the pace for each beat; the singer listened to the original song over and over again, trying to imitate the tone and add their own feelings into it. Despite sweating and exhaust, nobody feeling frustrated on it!

Make it Perfect!


Imperfect details were discussed and fixed during the second club meeting Wednesday, November 8.  Staffing, admission sequence, music rhythm, audience effect…… these are the most concerning things to the whole group. Members sat around the table, brainstorming and expressing their points overtime. Even the choice of a transitional music in the opening- for just few seconds, was discussed for 40 minutes.

We are one step toward perfection!!!!

By Xicheng He


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