Matignon’s Exciting Announcement

By Constantine Hatzis

On October 16th, 2017, Matignon’s official Twitter and Instagram, alongside its other social media outlets, started to post about an upcoming announcement to be revealed on the 18th. They described this as compelling news, with constant posts from the school using words and phrases such as “exciting,” and “Are you ready?”  We students did not know what this news was. A variety of things were speculated, from a new field to a schedule change, all of which were wrong.

On October 18th on Matignon’s official website, the administration uploaded their special news. This announcement was that Matignon, among a select few other organizations,  was elected by the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce as an inaugural recipient of the 2017 Visionary Awards. This award was presented to Matignon on November 15th at the Royal Sonesta Hotel. The honor, celebrating “innovation and visionaries in our community,” was given to the school due to its inventive strategic plan. The plan focuses on “Academic Excellence, Catholic Identity, Operational Vitality, and Leadership”. Matignon is specifically celebrated for the “Academic Excellence” portion of the plan. The Chamber of Commerce says “Matignon’s Academic Excellence is resulting in a reassessment of traditional educational methods focusing on personalized education, mindfulness, and meaningful partnerships with the local businesses and academic communities.”  

This is a highly selective, major award to be granted to Matignon High School.  Many of the possible recipients were from prestigious colleges; for Matignon to receive such an honor confirms that the current path the school is taking is working. The school is on the right track. Some students have questioned if what Matignon does is innovative and unique, and the Visionary Awards have answered that question. Matignon received this award because of the effectiveness of the educational method that the school utilizes.

This school is like no other in its style of education. It is one, in my personal experience, that helps students and allows them to shine. It focuses individually on each student so that all can freely express who they are. With the approval of the school, students are allowed to make their own clubs constantly, such as the installment of the Matignon Mirror. I believe that this award shows how Matignon is going in the right direction and improving the school day by day.   

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