My French Exchange Experience

Imagine having a complete stranger from a country you have never been to, whose native language you don’t speak, stay at your house for two weeks.  

It may sound scary at first, but hosting a French student was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I decided to join the French Exchange because I heard they were in need of more host families. My parents were not on board at first, but I persuaded them. 

I only started talking to my French student, Suzanne, two days before she arrived in the United States.  Her English over text was amazing. When she arrived, I could not believe how well she spoke English and understood me. I have never taken a French class before, so I was relieved there would be no communication problem. 

When she unpacked she gave my family and I gifts from France. She brought candy, perfume for me, and wine. Suzanne and I spent the next two weekends in Boston. Her favorite part was when we were in the Public Garden and a squirrel came up to her. It amazed me how she reacted because they don’t have squirrels or chipmunks in France.

When they left I was heartbroken, but I will be visiting Suzanne when Matignon goes to Paris in March.

by Ashley Murphy 



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