Pre-Thanksgiving Day Festivities

As Matignon students, we have a lot to be thankful for. We are thankful for our fellow students, for the faculty at Matignon, and so much more. On the day before Thanksgiving, November 22nd, students participated in numerous activities that allowed them to celebrate this.

            The day started out with several activities that seniors participated in. The senior class gathered in the cafeteria to enjoy a breakfast before heading up to the gymnasium for a Turkey Toss. Seniors brought in delicious food, everything from muffins and apple cider to lucky charms. As seniors enjoyed these treats, they danced to music and shared lots of laughs. The teachers supervising the breakfast even joined the dancing! The senior girls also received their powderpuff shirts, so many of them proudly donned their jerseys.

After everyone had finished their breakfast, the seniors and the accompanying teachers headed to the gym for the Turkey Toss. Seniors filed into the bleachers as the game was set up in the middle of the gym. Then Coach Q, English teacher and appointed “hype man” for the Turkey Toss, gathered the girl contestants on one side of the gym and the guy contestants on the other side. The two divisions of the contest took turns tossing the turkeys into the target, a trashcan that was moved farther back each round. Mr. Hill and Mr. Welsh took charge as referees. They moved the trashcan back and passed contestants the turkeys. As Mr. Welsh moved the trash can further back, the competition became more difficult. Increasing amounts of seniors were unable to move on to the next round because they unable to throw the turkey far enough (or in some cases, they threw the turkey too far.) Eventually, the competition came down to a couple of students on both sides. For the girls’ competition, Lara Murden and Kate Flemming were the last two remaining. On the boys’ side, there was Jeremy Piecz, Mike Norton, Max Costa, Matt Mcallister, and Jeovany Case. After a final round, the winners were determined. The winner of the girls’ competition was Lara Murden, and the winner of the boys’ competition was Jeremy Piecz.  Their prize was the turkey they had thrown. The seniors then went to homeroom, but not before picking up snacks from the leftovers of breakfast!

It was then time for a whole school Thanksgiving prayer service. The whole school gathered in the auditorium to pray and offer thanks. Several juniors and seniors read prayers and passages as the rest of the school joined in. The choir performed several songs that highlighted thankfulness and they sang beautifully. There was also a performance form Ms. Menendez, Coach Q, and Nina Lee, a senior. They sang a song about redemption, and the rest of the school joined in by clapping to the beat.

To wrap up the prayer service, Mr. Discarcina reminded us of an important goal he has in mind. Although this goal is something many of us have heard before, it is important to be reminded. Mr. Discarcina talked about how he wants all of us to perform one act to make someone’s day better. He believes this is an important weekend to do so, especially if we help our family members in some way. If we all perform at least one kind act, Mr. Discarcina hopes  that will be at least 500 people’s days made better!

These activities were a nice way to head into the Thanksgiving break. Not only did we have fun, we were reminded of what is important. The senior activities allowed us to relax and enjoy spending time with our classmates, something we are especially thankful for as our time together is coming to an end. The assembly was important for students and faculty to reflect on the things we are thankful for. We were also reminded of those who are less fortunate than us, and encouraged to help make these people’s lives easier. As we headed into thanksgiving, it was important for us to celebrate and be reminded of these things.

By Ava Berarducci

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