Spanish Honor Society

An aspect of our school that continuously provides students with opportunities to learn about new cultures and reach out to students across oceans, preparing them for the diverse work force they will soon be entering, is our foreign language department. Recently, the Spanish unit of our foreign language department gave students the opportunity to join the Spanish Honor Society.

The Spanish Honor Society, or Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica, is an honors program for students across the country who are enrolled in Spanish classes. Students  must be either a junior or senior in a Spanish 4 honors class or an advanced placement Spanish class. This program had been part of the Matignon foreign language department a number of years ago, but in recent years has not. One of our new Spanish teachers Mrs. Chechik recognized the importance of this program and brought it back to our school.


The induction ceremony for this program took place on October 12th and approximately 30 members were inducted. We are excited to see this important program being brought back to our school and we are looking forward to seeing all of the opportunities it presents to our students.

By Arianna Dinardi

(Information on the club came from Kiley Dallas a Junior member of the club and also from )

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