The Importance of Thanksgiving This Year

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word “Thanksgiving,” I instantly think of two long tables of Italian American food and taking four antacids after dinner because I ate way more than I should have. However, when I think about this holiday with my brain and my heart, and not with my stomach, I remember that this holiday is responsible for uniting the people of our country together and reminds us to give thanks.

The unification that Thanksgiving provides in our country is one so powerful and widespread. In our current state as a country, all of us uniting to together is so rare. In a country that is so divided in every way thought possible, it gives me hope that if we can all share a common meal and give thanks on the same day as on another, we have a chance at making big differences together.

The reminder to give thanks that thanksgiving gives to all of us is essential always but especially in today’s society. We are part of a society that is obsessed with getting the next best thing or the nicest thing. We always want what is next or what is nicest. We so often forget to be thankful for the things we have. By things I do mean materialistic items, but I also mean the things that we cannot buy such as family, love, and happiness. These are the things that are perhaps the most important and most essential to us as humans and the things we should be most thankful for.

Though thanksgiving is important every year, I feel that this year it held a special importance because no matter how divided we are as a nation, we can all agree on one thing and that is we are thankful for the people surrounding us, for the opportunities given to us, and that pie is undeniably delicious.

By Arianna Dinardi

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