Freshmen Retreat

On December 1st, the Matignon class of 2021 went on a retreat to Saint John the Evangelist Church. This event was organized by a group of dedicated seniors. They were to be the “leaders” of the freshmen and created a fun schedule for them to follow. To get warmed up, the seniors put together a series of games for the freshmen. Also included in this schedule were a few personal stories told by Kate Fleming, Nina Lee, and Shane Smith. These stories discussed topics including the importance of God, stressful times, and accepting yourself along with others.Throughout the day, the seniors gave advice to the freshmen and repeated multiple times that they are there for them in any given situation. Following the activities, the freshmen were split into groups with their other classmates, each with two senior group leaders. In those groups, the students learned more about one another and discussed the topics amongst themselves. Overall, the class of 2021 had a great day organized by the class of 2018!

By Amanda Curran

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