Get to Know Yoga Club

The yoga club is a small and welcoming group of students who are all dedicated to practicing and learning yoga.  It was started by Mrs. Vallimont, the Theology Department head, about 5 years ago. At the time, Mrs. Vallimont was interested in becoming a certified yoga instructor.  With encouragement from students, she gained her certification and created the yoga club to bring yoga to the school. Mrs. Vallimont has stated that yoga club has benefitted her time as a teacher at Matignon because “It allows me to see students in a different way, and them to see me in a different way.” Mrs. Vallimont enjoys seeing new members and encourages everyone who has never tried yoga to “Try it out! Join yoga club, watch a video on youtube.”  Yoga club is a time for students to come, relax, stretch and let go of the stresses of high school. Members such as Tran Van said that she joined yoga because “Yoga was good and Ms. Vallimont was also very kind and friendly to us.” Other members such as Xiaojun Chen have said that “It benefits me a lot. After I did yoga, I feel really relaxed. And I enjoy doing the activities with my best friends, and classmates.”  Yoga club requires no experience. Just bring a change of clothing and a mat. Come ready to have fun, relax but also break a sweat! The yoga club meets every other Wednesday in the auditorium.  

By Rada Ruggles
Photo courtesy of Ms. Neuberger

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