Boys Varsity Game 12/12/17

On December 12, 2017, our Boys Varsity Basketball team played against Tewksbury Memorial High School in the school’s gymnasium. In the first two periods of the game, our team was far in the lead, scoring mainly through layups. Senior twin brothers Jarret and Conner Byrne used their height advantages to break the opponent’s blocking and shoot the baskets inside the three-point line. #32 (Guard) had thrown 3 sets of three-point shots during the second half of period 2.  In the end of the second period, the score was 25:20. However, during the third, the opposing team gained points through penalty shots 2 times, and their power front conducted a scoring streak.

These sudden changes gave pressure to the Warriors and pushed the boys to change tactics from offensive strategy to defensive strategy. Our team used the “dribble out the time” strategy, passing the ball in order to waste remaining time, not giving a tiny opportunity for the opponent to score.

Photo courtesy of Xicheng He

The last period of the game was the most fierce, the visiting team being revived in moral and tactics. They gained points 4 times from penalty shots and scored with a slam-dunk. In addition, the effective set shots (about 3-5 points) gave Tewksbury an advantage.  Though the Warriors never gave up, the score was irreversible.

In the end, the game ended in the fourth period with a score of 40:46.  Due to the better performance on the previous 3 periods and their unwillingness to give up, our team lives up to the “Warrior” name.

By Xicheng He

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