Students of Color Association

Matignon High School’s Students of Color Association or S.O.C.A. is perhaps the most quintessential example of how our students are filled with a light and destiny to change the world. I just recently attended my first S.O.C.A meeting and I was completely blown away. What I saw was a group of students of all different backgrounds with a passion. They care about the state of not only their school, but their nation, and world. These students are doing something very brave that not even most adults do, and this is starting the conversations regarding the current state of our world. It is within these conversations that we spark change.

Before I attended my first S.O.C.A meeting, I considered myself pretty caught up on both national events and global events, but within five minutes I realized there are so many more things going on in the world that I am not aware of. My fellow students were bringing up issues and events that I had never even heard of. It was incredible to me how many topics I had learned about from my peers in this twenty minute meeting. The existence of S.O.C.A gives me hope that hopefully one day, the leaders of our country can learn from the youth that change can occur when we sit down and speak to each other like calm and educated human beings. I believe that S.O.C.A is very underrated and I highly recommend attending a meeting.

By Arianna Dinardi

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