Stations Of The Cross

On Holy Thursday the entire school came together to see the Stations of the Cross which was performed by various members of our school community. The Stations of the Cross are a time to  reflect on the death of Jesus Christ, by allowing us to see and listen to the stations that led up to his death and resulted in his body being placed in a tomb. For me, this was a way to become better attuned to this event which is so important to our faith. I found it easy to visualize what actually happened on that day so long ago. I loved how each person had their own role, and each one completed it, in total silence, apart from the readings and prayers spoken. Silence was a true gift and let us really meditate on what we were seeing and hearing. Watching these familiar scenes play out gave all of us a moment to remember why Jesus died for us and to reflect on God’s message for us today.

The stations started with Jesus being condemned to death and ended with Jesus being laid in a tomb. Brandon May played Jesus and was accompanied by actors Constantine Hatzis, Rich Ata, Julia Curro, Angelina Kemmett, Will Carroll, Gabby Durette, Angie Augustin, and Katie MacMillan. Readers Katie Garside, and Dylan Griffith supplemented the actors with prayers and readings for each station. The most expressive and impacting scenes were near the end.  As Jesus died, the school was blessed with Angie Augustin singing “Were you there when they Crucified my Lord?” which really helped strike a chord with everyone there. The whole service was a solemn yet moving rendition of this important event. In watching this I felt closer to Jesus and felt I had a better grasp on the true impact both this day and event had on our lives and our faith.

By Rada Ruggles

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