Career Day

On Friday, March 23rd, Matignon hosted its biannual career day, though there were a few differences compared to the previous one. Instead of having students visit three guest speakers throughout the day, each with a different focus, they first broke up students by grade and had them attend specific panels. The freshmen and sophomores were given advice on how to build strong college applications, the juniors were taught general financing advice, and the seniors attended a networking event.

After this was over, each student attended two panels, both for careers they had picked themselves. At these panels, there were two professionals who described their experiences in their field, after which they were open for questions. Though there were only two panels available, they were both informational and handled in a very professional manner. This rang true for the entirety of the event, in my opinion.

The day did feel somewhat short, and as entire classes were present for the first panel, students often became distracted from the main event and instead focused on side conversations. As a junior, I attended the panel revolving around personal finance. This was quite informational even though it was somewhat hard to hear. Despite this, the other two panels ran extremely smoothly, and those who were in charge of them managed to find the perfect balance of entertainment and education. Though, naturally, I only attended two, I have yet to hear any negative comments about anyone else’s. Overall, career day was a success, and I am certain it will only improve in the future.

By Gina Petraglia
Photos Courtesy of Ms. Ryder

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