Thoughts and Overview on the New Schedule

Recently, Matignon High School proposed a schedule change for the 2018-2019 year. There were a few hiccups before it transformed into the schedule students have been enjoying for the past month. Though it was popular enough to make its way into the current school year, how good really is it?

The new schedule consists of six classes every day, with the first and last classes being fifty minutes long, and the other four being only forty-five. Students are expected to file to homeroom at 8:25, and need to be at their first class by 8:35. Then, announcements will play, and class will begin. This setup offers a wide array of pros and cons. On the positive side of things, students can sleep in a bit longer without having to worry about being late, have extra time in the morning for clubs and activities, and can meet with teachers in the morning without having to be worried about being cut off by the bell.

This schedule is not without its faults, however. Many students are forced to arrive to school far earlier than they would have liked, simply because their parents still have to be in work earlier than 8:30. One class a day is dropped as well, meaning if a student is struggling in that class, they will have to miss it once every seven days.

Still, I believe that the pros greatly outweigh the cons. If a student has to miss their hardest class, they will have time to meet with their teacher before school begins. Also, if a student is forced to get to school early, they are able to spend that time decompressing and preparing for the incoming school day in the cafeteria or library.

By Gina Petraglia

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