Junior Night

The evening of April 26th was Matignon High School’s annual Junior Night. The event was a night to celebrate both the junior class’s achievements and to recognize that we will soon be the leaders of this school. First, there was mass led by Father Nedder and accompanied by the Choir. The Gospel reading was one that our class chose that meant a great deal to us, “The Good Samaritan,” which we had gone over many times in theology class in our previous years. The offering was composed of objects that symbolizes our learning and development as people of God. Some of the objects that were included were a computer, a globe, and a dictionary. The class rings and jewelry were brought up at this time as well. To conclude the Mass, Father Nedder blessed the rings, sprinkling water on them before blessing all the juniors with the holy water, either by throwing it or making the sign of the cross on our foreheads. After Mass, all of the juniors and their families made their way to the cafeteria for a lovely dinner. It was there that we were able to pick up our class jewelry and put it on for the first time, a symbol of our class and how much we have gone through together. The evening ended with a slideshow, created by the student council officers, of pictures that were taken throughout t the past three years that we have been at the school. It was a wonderful night to come together and celebrate who we are as people and as a class.

By Rada Ruggles

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