“The Hills are Alive!” : The Sound of Music Comes to Boston’s Boch Center

By: Angelina Kemmett

Everyone has heard of The Sound of Music.  Most would first think of the Julie Andrews movie musical, perhaps focusing on the song “My Favorite Things,” popularly used as a Christmas carol.  But before the true story of the Trapp Family Singers was adapted for the silver screen, it made its way to the stage. Nowadays, the tale of an Austrian family united in song in a time of war continues to warm the hearts and empty the tear ducts of audience members of all ages.

Currently, the talented touring cast of the show have set up shop at Boston’s Boch Center Wang Theater.  From the youngest Von Trapp child, Gretyl, to the oldest character, each and every cast member is better than the one before.  Especially notable is the actress who plays “Mother Abbess”; her high notes fill the theater with feeling and do not waver, and her stern lovingness toward Mara is beautifully portrayed.  As for Maria and Captain Von Trapp, the two actors, both remarkable in their own ways, do a wonderful job of showing that they are in love without their words. Their voices blend together as remarkably as their stories.

The Sound of Music is complete with stunningly ornate, while not over the top, set pieces. The most thrilling component of the set is the breathtaking mountain view through the grand floor to ceiling windows of the Von Trapp home.  Add together great acting, great singing, and great backdrops and get a play that is more than worth the over two hour run time. Especially watch for “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” and “Climb Every Mountain,” and for when the Captain first sings for his children.  You will not be disappointed.

The Sound of Music runs through May 13.

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