Block Day Schedule

The new block day schedule has just been incorporated into our school. On Thursdays and Wednesdays all mods are an hour and a half long. On Wednesdays we have just the first four mods. If we were to attend all our mods that school day would be much longer than its supposed to be! Then, on Thursdays we have the next three mods, each for one hour and thirty minutes as well, and the occasional assembly mod. Just like the regular schedule, the block days also have rotations. For example, if on Wednesday we start with Mod A, next Wednesday we will begin with Mod B. There are varying opinions about this new block schedule. Some people like it because much more can be accomplished during these long periods. For instance, many science classes have labs on these days because there is just the right amount of time to complete them. However, other people dislike these long mods.Others say that the these long blocks are too long and tiresome. I agree with both opinions. The block mods are great for labs and tests because we get enough time to complete them. But staying in one class for an hour and a half can be quite boring. I would say I am more in favor of the block mods because not only do we get enough time for certain assignments and tests, we also don’t have to do homework for every single class everyday since we only have four or three classes during these days. Overall, I think the new block day schedule is a great idea and I look forward to its continued use in our school!  

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