Class of 2022 Elections

“Freshman class is not only a grade, but one fourth of our Matignon Community”

The freshman class elections were held during mod C on Thursday October 18th. The freshman all met in the auditorium to hear their peers campaign on why they should be elected to be a class officer. The senior class President, Secretary, Treasurer and Intermediary were in attendance. Mr. Welsh opened the assembly with encouraging words for all of the candidates. Then, the senior class officers each explained what their respective role does. No one ran for class intermediary. Any students that do not win the spot they are running for, will have the option of campaigning the student council for the spot of intermediary. The council will choose who receives that spot, not the students.  

The first spot to be announced was Treasurer. Two students ran and each one made the promise of not foolishly spending the money that is to be raised. Secretary had the same turnout, two students. A common theme with the candidates for Secretary was that they wanted to “connect with their fellow students” and “let their opinions be heard”. All four candidates had prepared speeches and made the point that they wanted to serve their classmates.

The vice president spot on the council had three candidates. A recurring theme with all of the candidates, not only vice presidential candidates, seems to be connecting with the student body. The students running for the VP spot on the council focused on topics that ranged from yearbook planning, Tag days, and feminism. Each student had a sound and hard case on why they should be the next student body vice president.

When it came time for the Senior President to introduce the freshman presidential candidates, a surprising five students campaigned for the spot. Some candidates had previously served on a student body while others had never gone to a private school before. Each student brought something original to the table.

The voting results were scheduled to be announced on Friday October 19th, during the afternoon announcements. Somehow the voting system could allow students to vote more than once. Out of a class of around 90 students the council received 117 votes, a whopping 123% turn out. A re-vote was called to take place over the weekend. At the end of the day, on Monday, the winners were announced: Abby Reddivari for Treasurer, Madison Fallon for Secretary, Domenic Hoxholli for Vice President, and Gracie O’Connell for President. Congrats to all of the freshman class officials and all of the candidates who ran!

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