Warrior Woof 11/7/18: Ranger

Our first featured pet is Ranger! Ranger lives with me (Katie Coviello), Susie, who’s a freshman, and my mom, a Spanish teacher here at Matignon. I don’t like to say I’m his owner; we’re (best) friends. Ranger is a Sheltie-Chihuahua mix and is three and a half years old (his half birthday is coming up on November 21st). Ranger’s favorite toy is a stuffed chili pepper and a rope called “my toy.” (We made a mistake while training him to respond to the names of his different toys.) During the day, Ranger can be found sitting in strange places, sleeping in blankets that aren’t his, jumping through hoops at the dog park, or harassing people at Market Basket or Lowe’s, his favorite stores. Ranger may be less than two feet tall, but he has the biggest heart of any dog around!



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