Warrior Woof: Piper

Meet Piper! Piper is a 9 ½ year old German Shepherd who still thinks she is a puppy (even though she is way past that stage in her life). Piper likes to play with a stuffed candy cane that squeaks. She currently has a pile of old toys that she won’t use because they no longer squeak. Piper doesn’t really like to socialize with other dogs, she instead likes to hang out with humans. I read once that because dogs don’t understand mirrors, or ever look in them, they think that they look like a human and Piper totally falls into that category. She loves to cuddle, go on walks and bark at squirrels. Piper spends most of her days sleeping by doors waiting for my dad to come home from work, and trying to sneak into my parents bedroom to sleep on their bed because she figured out that it is more comfortable than sleeping on the floor. She is actually a very smart and nice dog and if you ever meet her make sure you tell her that she looks really pretty, she likes that.

By: Abigail Stiltner

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