Senior College Visit: Regis College

By Ellie Lynch, Class of 2020

On Wednesday, September 18th, while everyone else was going about their day on a B mod schedule, the seniors met in the auditorium for a trip that would take up their day. Attendance was taken and the seniors were placed on buses to go to Regis College for a workshop that would help the Class of 2020 with their college applications. Before they embarked on their  trip, Mr. Carabello talked to us about the history behind the program and what the workshop was going to entail. The seniors arrived at the Regis campus and were brought into a meeting room where a Regis Admissions Counselor gave a speech which went through the “Top Ten” tips for a good college application. Tips included knowing deadlines and the importance of showing interest to the schools where they wished to  apply to by going on a tour or opening emails from prospective schools. The seniors also learned of a special “acceptance on the spot” day where Regis would be offering admission to select students who complete their application by October 31st. 

The seniors were split into groups and given a tour of the campus by current students at Regis. Through the tour, the students  learned about the dorms, the guidance office and the many activities that occur on campus. The tour lasted about an hour and after a lunch break of sandwiches and cookies the students received more information about the application process, from going over the college essay to receiving  an inside look at some sample applications of students who applied to Regis. To cap off this information session, the seniors were allowed to talk to the Athletics Director about the recruitment process for college sports. Armed with this information, the seniors reboarded the buses on head back to Matignon, where they had the opportunity to sign up for “in-house” college visits that would be occurring throughout the next few months. 

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