Teacher Feature: Mr. MacDonald

by Amanda Curran, Class of 2021

Mr. MacDonald is currently a history teacher at Matignon High School. He has been part of the Matignon family for the past two years. He attended Siena College in Albany, New York and graduated with a degree in history and education. He currently goes to grad school at Boston College for a master degree with a focus in Catholic Leadership. 

As a child, did you always see yourself as a teacher? 

Yes, I always wanted to be a teacher. My mom is a teacher in the Boston Public Schools and I always wanted to work with kids whether it was coaching, tutoring, or mentoring kids on my sports teams. I always saw myself in the classroom at one point in my life. 

photo courtesy of Amanda Curran, Class of 2021

What do you believe is the best/favorite thing about your job

My favorite part is definitely working with students. Having the chance to build relationships such as things through Student Council. I like to incorporate student voice in the classroom and just being around kids! They make me laugh, think, and inspire to get better. 

What is your favorite thing about the Matignon community?

I love the idea of the Matignon family. I love how we work together as a community to make the school a better place and engage students with things that they want to learn about. I love that whoever you are, we all fit together here. That is a really unique and special thing that sets Matignon apart from other schools. It makes you feel included and I think students feel the same way. 

What are your hobbies outside of Matignon?

I love to cook. I like to run and lift weights. I like to read and watch tv and sports. I enjoy spending time with friends and family. 

In what other ways do you contribute to the Matignon community outside of the classroom?

Last year I coached football and track. This year, I have been blessed to have the ability to work with Student Council and lead up some student voice committees. It has been a good treat to grow the leadership of the students here. Student Council has been a lot of fun and I have learned how Matignon is such a great community through these activities. 

Growing up, or presently, do you have any heroes/inspiration in your life?

I take a lot from my students in my life. A lot of my students inspire me and I have always looked up to athletes and my parents. However, my students and other staff in the building inspire me to get better. They teach me new things that I love and push me to get better both inside and outside the classroom. 

Responses have been edited for clarity.

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