Class of 2024 Freshmen Elections

Freshmen! It is time to make your voice heard and leave your mark on the Student Council. Nine of your classmates are looking for the opportunity to serve you in one of the five elected Offices of the Student Council. 

Each Candidate was given the opportunity to participate in a face-to-face interview via Zoom with myself, or to submit their responses to my interview questions in written form. Below you will find the Interviews of all the Candidates.

The first election we will be presenting is the contested race for the Office of Freshman Class President. Three Candidates have pulled papers to qualify for the ballot. They are Ms. Lina Chniouli, Ms. Tia Farah, and Ms. Hoa (Elena) Ngo. Of these candidates, Lina Chniouli, and Elena Ngo took the opportunity to interview via Zoom. Click the links below to watch their interviews! 

Elena Ngo

Lina Chniouli

The second race the Class of 2024 will be deciding is the election for the Office of Freshman Vice President. Ms. Kayla Haughton is running unopposed for the position, but she still took the opportunity to answer questions. 

Kayla Haughton

Next on the ticket is the race for Freshman Class Secretary. Both candidates, Ms. Sarah Collins and Ms. Taina DeLino did not respond to the Mirror’s request for an interview. 

The penultimate race on your ballots is between Ms. AvaNoel Marino and Ms. Cece Yee, contesting the race for the Office of Freshman Class Treasurer. Both candidates took the opportunity to ask questions. Ms. AvaNoel Marino participated in a Zoom interview and Ms. Cece Yee answered the Mirror’s questions in a written format. 

AvaNoel Marino

Here are the written responses from Ms. Yee:

Matignon Mirror: Freshman year is an introductory period to High School where you meet new people and become comfortable with your school environment. Even in normal school years, it is difficult for candidates to get to know their peers on a personal level before Election Day. Briefly introduce yourself to your classmates and Matignon Students.

Cece Yee: Hi! My name is Cece Yee and I am running for the Office of Freshman Class Treasurer. I am from Medford and came to Matignon from Saint Joseph’s School. I am the girls varsity soccer goalie and hope to be even more involved by being elected and meeting more people at the school.

MM: As Freshman Class Treasurer, you will work closely with the other Class Treasurers to manage the fiscal matters of the Council. If elected, what will be your fiscal policy heading into this year?

CY: If elected, my fiscal policy heading into this year will be to use my position to help the council spend the money it earns wisely and to help raise money in fundraising events that we create.

MM: You are running in a contested election for the Office of Freshman Class Treasurer. What differentiates yourself from your opponent?  

CY: What makes me different from my competition is that I have already had some student council experiences. I have been on the SJS student council since the 6th grade and last year I was president. Another thing that differentiates me from my competition is that I will bring many fundraising ideas to the council, like ideas for dress down days and spirit week and I will be sure to be an active participant at all meetings.

The last race on your ballots will be the election for the Freshman Class Intermediary. Ms. Alexiah Lingley is running unopposed as she was the only freshman to file candidacy forms. Ms. Lingley did not respond to the Mirror’s opportunity for an interview. 

The Matignon Mirror strongly encourages all members of the Class of 2024 to participate in the democratic process of our Student Council by voting. We hope that these interviews give you a better understanding of the platforms your peers are running on.

Each candidate received an email and a follow up from Domenic Hoxholli ‘22 regarding the opportunity to participate in a live-to-tape Zoom interview or a written response interview. 

Disclaimer: Domenic Hoxholli ‘22 serves on the Student Council as Junior Class President. The Mirror recognizes Mr. Hoxholli’s record of fair and unbiased reporting for the Mirror Election Department

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