Jenga by Mod. C (Creative Writing)

People gather to enjoy each others company 
They bring out food and share stories 
All the worries blown away with the wind
And all the new memories start to begin

All of us began to gather 
To capture all the laughter
Us being together feels like home 
So now I don't feel alone 

Oh family, gathered around the table draped in silk cloth
Look at father, his face looking somewhat distraught 
I gaze at mother and her straw hat looking so fine 
While uncle ransacks the table in search of the wine   
Oh family how I love thee no matter the cost 
Oh how without you I would be feeling so lost

Loved and Comforted, Calm and Happy
Everyone has a purpose and is exactly where they need to be
Brought together for the better 
To keep us warm through the winter
A humble home, relying on each other
A thread becoming a quilt

I’m working day and night just tryna keep the unity, 
I’ll make my grandma proud right here in my community, 
Was always there when I was down she gives me love, 
Showed me passion, I am grateful for my grandma up above,

Cold air breezes through 
As they laugh and chat.
The familiarity wraps itself like a blanket.
A sense of community 
Settles in her grateful heart.

Autumn wind moved the leaves in yard
The lit fireplace warms the house
Grandma put on that pair of antique reading glasses
Waving a silver needle
Modifying the unfinished pattern
Young little girl
Fell asleep with the smell of the warm house and grandma

The eyes of the past stared back at me drawing me near my impending mortality, 
waiting, lurking on the spaces of my walls, hoping that my life will not end in anything but great fatality. 
I fear, I fear I may not meet expectations set by the corpses from the past that share my DNA. 
Will I fail my mother or her mother, and the many that come before me, so I’ve left astray, 
Wallowing in the encroaching depths of what will soon be my legacy. 

Our poems were inspired by Herb Kawainui Kane’s “The New Quilt,” Hung Liu’s “Branches III,” and Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s “The Luncheon of the Boating Party.”

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