Worth of a Wall

The space between strangers is tangible. 

Like a wall of cement blocks 

That you can feel each crevice of every grain poured at the foundry. 

And who are you to break it? 

What makes you so deserving?

To take away from this person’s time spent in their brain 

Thinking about their lover 

Or their job 

Or what to eat for lunch. 

Who are you to break that wall with a sledgehammer of a question? 

They can always build it up once again if you break it

But why have to rebuild when it’s already built? 

Is it worth it? 

If you do choose to break it

And they don’t ready their troops at their border

The results. 



The insight, the knowledge, the experience 

It’s not about the action of swinging

It’s about the way in which you do so.

Break that block just perfectly, and you get a masterpiece.

It’s at your discretion. 

Frankfurt. 9:09 AM

~ Nelson

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