The Cambridge Matignon School Welcomes a New Head of School this Fall, Dr. Paul Manuel!

Contributing to this article are Laura Bett, Brandon Burt, Jenna McLaughlin, and Kristina Gallitano

Dr. Manuel has known about Matignon for a long time and he always felt it was best known for its community feel and great education. When he saw Matignon was implementing experiential education, he knew it was the place for him, and he was immediately attracted to the job of Head of School. 

Prior to working at The Cambridge Matignon School, Dr. Manuel has spent years working on experiential learning at the college level in the School of Public Affairs, specifically the government department at American University. He was a director of the leadership program, which encouraged students to apply their studies to real-life situations. When asked what he implemented at American University that might have some application here, Dr. Manuel emphasized experiential education. He also helped to develop experiential learning at Saint Anselm College. His passion for experiential learning and personal development are going to help enrich The Cambridge Matignon School and its students. 

Dr. Manuel is currently scheduling meetings with all students to get to know them. He hopes to support specialized communities within the student population like the international students, Boston Hockey Academy, and the Cambridge Arts Academy. He knows every student will have different passions, concerns, and curiosities. Once he learns these, he can begin to help students and accommodate their interests. He is open to many ways of experiential learning, including studying abroad, capstone projects, and internships. 

So far, Dr. Manuel has looked over the school with a fresh set of eyes by adding new rugs, rearranging areas, and updating the building. One initiative of his, which celebrates our inclusive global community, was displaying flags throughout the bottom floor of the school representing 27 states and 19 foreign countries. He has also updated the display case so when prospective students come in, they are able to see books students are reading, books about Catholic identity, and some of his own books. He is an author or co-author of 10 books! When you walk into the school, you also may notice seven different clocks. Each clock has a different time zone representing, all the home nations of our students and faculty.

Dr. Manuel hopes to see Matignon continue to “do what it’s doing”- a community that maintains its excellent standards. But, he hopes to upgrade facilities and technology and do more with experiential learning and the Cambridge Arts Academy. 

So far, Matignon has been more than he has ever expected and he says he is “astounded at the vibrancy of the Matignon community.” Dr. Manuel met with many families on the first few days of school and he had an amazing time listening to all their stories. He loves that everyone has a story and is coming from a variety of towns, states, and countries. He is passionate about the sense of kindness in the halls and says Matignon has exceeded his best expectations.

Dr. Manuel is beyond excited for the future of The Cambridge Matignon School. He hopes to devote his time as Head of School as a listener. He says he plans to listen to students’ goals, and dreams- and encourage them to not only keep dreaming but help them to reach those dreams. The Cambridge Matignon School is in great hands!

The new flag display initiated by Dr. Manuel

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