Seniors Help Out Freshman Class

“The advice I wish I had”

Written by Kristina Gallitano and Jenna McLaughlin

Picture taken by Jenna McLaughlin ‘23

Seniors Give Advice to Their Younger Selves 

As we are one month into the 2022-23 school year, our seniors would like to give some advice to our underclassmen. 

“Challenge yourself, but don’t beat yourself up over a grade. Make sure you take care of your mental and physical health. I also recommend you start to build a relationship with your teachers, because they want what’s best for you- and truly have your back.”

 –Kristina Gallitano ‘23

“Try everything. My freshman year I was afraid to sign up for clubs and activities that I wish I had been involved in for years. Don’t be afraid, you will find your passions and where you belong- just sign up and give things a try.” 

Jenna McLaughlin ‘23

“Sit where you can learn best. If your friends are distracting you from learning material, you might fall behind.” 

-Laura Bett ‘23

“Get Involved and maybe even start a club. It’s a great way to make friends, and get your name out there. It also looks great on your resume, and will help you get into college. Freshman year grades DO matter. Make smart decisions regarding your GPA.” 

Lucy Trapani ‘23

“Start thinking about college, and do your research towards the beginning of your high school career because you can make your classes cater to your college applications. (Ex. taking AP classes, art classes for art schools, double math classes, etc.)” 

Leah Carozza ‘23

“Have a routine and stick to it, don’t let anything distract you.” 

Brandon Burt ‘23

“Educate yourself as early as possible, and find new passions when you can. Start reading early, study things that interest you. Always strive to be more well rounded in order to prepare yourself for the future.” 

Serhii Nikulin ‘23

Picture taken by Jenna McLaughlin ‘23

Check out our Q&A Below!

We polled a few freshman classes and asked them if they had any questions for our seniors. 

Does the environment/ community change? Thomas Griffin ‘26

A lot of people become closer senior As seniors, we don’t have as much freedom as we did in earlier years but that’s mostly because we are older and have more responsibilities. – Peyton MacPherson ‘23

Do things get more stressful throughout the years?Isabella Pagan ‘26

Yes, graduation gets closer and closer every year and you have to start thinking about your future, and who you wanna be. High school goes by so fast, and sometimes it feels like there is an expectation to have everything figured out. This expectation often leads to more stress, so try to remind yourself that everything will fall into place, and you will be okay! -Kaila Penrose ‘23

Will we have the same teacher twice? Dylan Smith ‘26

“I think it depends on what classes you take throughout your years, because some teachers teach more than one type of class. It also depends on what the teacher’s schedule is like” – Hailey Deady ‘23

How many languages should we take/ How many years of languages? Amy Ranaghan ‘26

“I would suggest three years of language classes. I think that it is good to get enough background in the language and it is also good for colleges to see!” –Elyse Gobbi ‘23

What goes on in every classroom/ Teal room?Raquel Figueroa ‘26

“The TEAL room is a new, collaborative learning environment in Matignon. This room that was recently built has TV’s and dry erase boards on all of the walls. In the TEAL lab, we have classes, club meetings, and the best part of it all- the chairs have wheels. Although the TEAL lab is one of the coolest rooms in the building, regardless of what class you are in you are sure to have the best time in classes that allow collaboration, discussions, and project-based learning.”- Alex Baldwin ‘23

What’s a good way to use time wisely? -Kailyn French ‘26

At BHA, we have a strict schedule we stick to so I try to make as much time as possible for myself. Whether that is playing more sports, or taking more courses. I feel like whatever you want to focus on in college should take up most of your time. Overall, enjoy your free time and make time as best you can. –Serhii Nikoulin ‘23

Do you have to keep your grades up to play sports?Larry Barrows ‘26 

“Yes, you do need to keep your grades up. It will help you stand out to colleges if you are going to play college sports” –Brandon Burt ‘23

Thank you to all of the seniors and freshmen who participated! We hope this article provides some support to our underclassmen as they transition from middle school to high school!

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