Senior Hiking Retreat 2022

A few weeks ago, the senior class embarked on a hike with Ms. Lenn Johnson, the Cambridge Matignon School’s campus minister, in the Blue Hills Reservation. Before the hike began, students took a minute to reflect, picking a small stone from the ground to place in their pocket. The stone was a reminder to be present in the moment and embrace the beauty and serenity of nature. At the halfway point, students sat on the rocks and took a moment of silence to listen to the rustling leaves and whistling birds. After about a mile further, the seniors stopped for lunch near a stone tower, where they could observe the Boston skyline amongst the beautiful fall foliage. 

Having been rescheduled twice due to bad weather, the senior hiking retreat was well overdue but well worth the wait. The students who attended described the experience as fulfilling and a wonderful opportunity to embrace God’s work of nature. This retreat should definitely remain a tradition for the senior class in years to come! 

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