By Brandon Burt

During the pandemic, The Cambridge Matignon School welcomed a new hockey program, Boston Hockey Academy. This partnership with Boston Hockey Academy allows players to receive a private school education and elite training. The Boston Hockey Academy has had tremendous growth since its opening in 2020. Even though the program is in its third year, many people still wonder what the players’ daily lives are like, and what BHA really is.  

BHA Dorm Life

BHA (Boston Hockey Academy) has all its players and various staff live in a dorm located in Medford, Massachusetts. Previously, the dorm was an old convent for the nuns of Saint Joseph’s Parish. The dorm is a two-story building with the first floor having three bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, coach rooms, and a gym. The second floor is host to all the bedrooms and showers; there are a total of 21 rooms upstairs. The basement is a shooting room where the BHA players love spending time practicing and developing their shot, stick handling, and passing. The shooting room is a great place for players to get to know each other. The shooting room is also an area to play games and work on other skills. The Gym is another great area, where players spend extra time to get faster and stronger to pursue their dreams. The rooms are always crowded with guys playing NHL tournaments, listening to music, or just sitting around talking. In the dorm, it is never hard to find someone to hang with because we are a family. Along with all the fun the dorm brings there are also some challenges like being so far from home. The dorms also have many responsibilities. Similar to living at home, we have weekly cleaning duties like sweeping, vacuuming, and taking out the trash. With all the accommodations and the people you consistently surround yourself with at BHA, there is nothing but success waiting to happen at your second home.

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