Successful Matignon Volleyball Season

By Kristina Gallitano

When Matignon girls volleyball came to an end, they ended their season by going to states! It had been a great season for this team with many wins! Even though their season started off very confusing with the new coaches and schedule, the girls pulled through and worked very hard everyday! The girls practiced everyday for two hours with at least two games a week or sometimes more. We would like to thank our new coaches for stepping up. Lauren Doneski and Erin Walsh coached the varsity girls and Ryan Morey, an English teacher at Matignon, coached the JV girls. We interviewed Mr. Morey about his experience coaching volleyball. He said, “It was a great experience overall.” Although he had his ups and downs coaching, Mr. Morey had never coached volleyball before. He said, “It was difficult to learn the new rotations and rules,” but he had help from the varsity coaches and team. The volleyball girls are very grateful to the coaches who gave them a great season! Another big thanks to the seniors: Kristina Gallitano, Daniella Oliveria, Caroline Fiorenzio, Reaghan Hammersley, Camicha Senat, Cassara Ruiz, Sheltz Pierre, and Casieli Santiago. 

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