A Look Into Matignon Winter Sports

By Kristina Gallitano

As Matignon’s winter sports start off, here’s a look into the teams.

Girls hockey, Molly Walsh says “We are constantly working hard to continue the strong game we have been playing with a consecutive back to back win.” Captain Emma Pessia also speaks on her girls hockey season “With a hard start, we continue to work together as a team to play our best and continue to win.”

Lauren Grech speaks out about her season on girls basketball, “We had a rocky start but now we are learning how to work as a team and are playing better than ever.”  Alex Baldwin also talks about her season on girls basketball “Our season is going extremely well. Through wins, losses, ups, and downs, the team never fails to put in their best effort; all accredited to the commitment and dedication given to us by our two coaches, Kala Coleman and John Farrell. This provides us with an environment where we constantly learning, growing, and evolving us into the players and people that we aspire to be, and that is what makes it so unique.”

Keimani Bell says the boys basketball team has not had a great start but as a team they are working to get better and play harder for the rest of the season.

Zaina Qureshi talks about the swim team conjoined with St Joes and Mt Alvernia, she says the season is going very well with a great winning streak!

Good luck to all of our winter sport teams with the rest of the season!

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