A Midsummer Night’s Dream

By Laura Bett

Matignon Drama Company’s long awaited performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream was entertaining and energetic. Students seemed well rehearsed, well suited for their roles, and all did an incredible job reciting Shakespearean lines. The cast added humor into the play that was not explicitly written in the comedy’s script. For example, senior Harry Bennett, who was portraying Lysander, fought against freshman Jude Lowery, who was playing Demetrius, using a kung fu stance. These small anecdotes added in by the company greatly enhanced the viewing experience for all. The crew’s efforts also enabled the show to run smoothly and successfully. There was so much talent on and off the stage! 

A big shout out to the seniors, Grace Fleming de Torres, Joanna Georges, Elyse Gobbi, Wil Van Camp, Benjamin Pasto, and Harry Bennett! Each student’s distinctive qualities and strengths allow each production to be unique and enjoyable. They have truly set a wonderful example for the underclassmen to follow. We look forward to attending the drama company’s next performance for the spring musical! 

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