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A Note for Prospective Matignon Students

Well, the wait is finally over! The class of 2022 deadline for enrollment, March 15th, is fast approaching. For many students, it’s time to decide on where they will go to high school! As a high school senior, I’m in the middle of a similar admission process. I’m also going through the stress of events, the panic of asking questions, and of course, the uncertainty when it comes to making the final decision. Since I’ve gone through the process of choosing a high school, I feel more prepared for the college decision process. However, it is bringing back many memories from the time of making my high school decision. Although everyone at Matignon was incredibly welcoming, I was still worried about how I would fit in during my four years here. I’m sure many prospective students feel the same way, but I believe that things will work out!

Now that I’m nearing the end of my four years at Matignon, I can’t imagine myself anywhere else. I can honestly say that Matignon was where I was meant to be, and I’m so thankful I made the decision to enroll. Matignon has allowed me to grow into the person I am, a person I’m proud to be. I’m not sure I would be able to have this same experience in another school. I was able to grow out of my shell and discover my passions, make friends, and explore opportunities.

I know that saying Matignon is a family sounds cheesy, and like something we say just to make our school sound better. However, it’s not just empty words. Matignon is a close-knit community, and we support each other during good times and bad. The good times never seem to stop, from  dances to athletic events and performances. There are bad times too of course, but I’ve seen the incredible support we offer each other through exam stress and other personal issues.

Leaving Matignon is going to be hard, but I know I can handle anything in the future because this school has prepared me. My heart will always be green and gold, and I will always be a warrior.  Matignon has shaped me into a capable, educated person who is comfortable in her own skin. I hope to find a second home and a second family in college like the one I’ve had here.

To all prospective students, good luck with your decision. If you even think that Matignon might be the right place for you, I hope you decide to enroll!

by Ava Berarducci


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Boys Varsity Game 12/12/17

On December 12, 2017, our Boys Varsity Basketball team played against Tewksbury Memorial High School in the school’s gymnasium. In the first two periods of the game, our team was far in the lead, scoring mainly through layups. Senior twin brothers Jarret and Conner Byrne used their height advantages to break the opponent’s blocking and shoot the baskets inside the three-point line. #32 (Guard) had thrown 3 sets of three-point shots during the second half of period 2.  In the end of the second period, the score was 25:20. However, during the third, the opposing team gained points through penalty shots 2 times, and their power front conducted a scoring streak.

These sudden changes gave pressure to the Warriors and pushed the boys to change tactics from offensive strategy to defensive strategy. Our team used the “dribble out the time” strategy, passing the ball in order to waste remaining time, not giving a tiny opportunity for the opponent to score.


Photo courtesy of Xicheng He

The last period of the game was the most fierce, the visiting team being revived in moral and tactics. They gained points 4 times from penalty shots and scored with a slam-dunk. In addition, the effective set shots (about 3-5 points) gave Tewksbury an advantage.  Though the Warriors never gave up, the score was irreversible.

In the end, the game ended in the fourth period with a score of 40:46.  Due to the better performance on the previous 3 periods and their unwillingness to give up, our team lives up to the “Warrior” name.

By Xicheng He

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Get to Know Yoga Club

The yoga club is a small and welcoming group of students who are all dedicated to practicing and learning yoga.  It was started by Mrs. Vallimont, the Theology Department head, about 5 years ago. At the time, Mrs. Vallimont was interested in becoming a certified yoga instructor.  With encouragement from students, she gained her certification and created the yoga club to bring yoga to the school. Mrs. Vallimont has stated that yoga club has benefitted her time as a teacher at Matignon because “It allows me to see students in a different way, and them to see me in a different way.” Mrs. Vallimont enjoys seeing new members and encourages everyone who has never tried yoga to “Try it out! Join yoga club, watch a video on youtube.”  Yoga club is a time for students to come, relax, stretch and let go of the stresses of high school. Members such as Tran Van said that she joined yoga because “Yoga was good and Ms. Vallimont was also very kind and friendly to us.” Other members such as Xiaojun Chen have said that “It benefits me a lot. After I did yoga, I feel really relaxed. And I enjoy doing the activities with my best friends, and classmates.”  Yoga club requires no experience. Just bring a change of clothing and a mat. Come ready to have fun, relax but also break a sweat! The yoga club meets every other Wednesday in the auditorium.  

By Rada Ruggles
Photo courtesy of Ms. Neuberger

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About the Mirror….

The Matignon Mirror is a student-run newspaper. We cover anything from student life to local news. We are excited to inform our fellow students, and are passionate about the things we do! Check out our hard work displayed throughout this website, and feel free to contact us with any questions. Welcome to the official website of the Matignon Mirror!


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Freshmen Retreat

On December 1st, the Matignon class of 2021 went on a retreat to Saint John the Evangelist Church. This event was organized by a group of dedicated seniors. They were to be the “leaders” of the freshmen and created a fun schedule for them to follow. To get warmed up, the seniors put together a series of games for the freshmen. Also included in this schedule were a few personal stories told by Kate Fleming, Nina Lee, and Shane Smith. These stories discussed topics including the importance of God, stressful times, and accepting yourself along with others.Throughout the day, the seniors gave advice to the freshmen and repeated multiple times that they are there for them in any given situation. Following the activities, the freshmen were split into groups with their other classmates, each with two senior group leaders. In those groups, the students learned more about one another and discussed the topics amongst themselves. Overall, the class of 2021 had a great day organized by the class of 2018!

By Amanda Curran

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SADD Speaker

On November 30th, the SADD club at Matignon hosted a guest speaker. The guest speaker was David Flood. Mr. Flood began his presentation by talking about his family. He started with funny and endearing stories about his daughter. An especially striking story was one when he was at the bank with his daughter when she was an infant. Because Mr. Flood’s daughter was Filipino, the bank teller assumed she was adopted and asked Mr. Flood “where she got her.” He used this story to amplify the assumptions that most people make daily. Mr. Flood then also talked about his son in a similar way, concluding with the fact that his son David has autism. Through David’s story and his struggles, Mr. Flood covered the actions people must take to make society a better place for all. This means putting extra effort in for people who need help, or even just talking to someone who could be lonely.  Throughout his speech Mr. Flood repeated three challenges he wants Matignon students to work on. The first is to stop assuming things about people, and instead “look on the inside.” His second goal for students was to go up to two adults at Matignon and thank them. The third was to guarantee that from now on, no one at Matignon eats alone. Mr. Flood explained that he feels so strongly that people shouldn’t eat alone because he remembers a time when his father ate Thanksgiving alone. Because Mr. Flood’s parents were divorced and his father was an alcoholic, he was not encouraged to spend Thanksgiving with his father. He never gathered enough courage to ask if he could, and now he wishes very strongly he had that courage back then. Mr. Flood described his son and his father as “his gifts” and explained that they had taught him more about himself than he ever could have learned in another way.

Mr. Flood’s speech incorporated both laughter and inspiration. He encouraged kindness and compassion, beliefs that Matignon staff and students hold closely but also need to be reminded of sometimes. The speech allowed for Matignon students to become closer and connect in ways that wouldn’t think of, and going forward I believe the community will become even stronger because of Mr. Flood.