Meet the Mirror


The Cambridge Matignon Mirror is a student-run online newspaper for The Cambridge Matignon School. Members write about current school events, host interviews with teachers, and display their outstanding artwork and photography skills. Within the club, students have the opportunity to attend press screenings because of the school’s connection with John Vitti, a web editor of the Boston Globe. With new articles every month, parents, students, and alumni are able to keep up with the ongoing events in the Matignon community.



Leah Carozza is an editor and social media director for the Cambridge Matignon Courier. She is a class representative for her class in Student Council, and is a part of science club and art club. Outside of school, she enjoys volunteering at her old school, listening to music, and hanging out with friends.

Giordano Gandolfo is an editor for the Cambridge Matignon Courier. He is an international student from Italy, and he is involved in both the soccer and basketball team. He likes to cook and eat delicious food, especially Italian food. 

Domenic Hoxholli is a reporter for the Cambridge Matignon Courier who focuses on current school events, including pep-rallies, student opportunities, and Student Council. Hoxholli has coordinated Student Council Candidate interviews for the Courier since Freshman year. Outside of the Courier, Hoxholli serves as Senior Class President, CMO of Matignon Marketing Solutions Inc., and is a member of the Varsity Soccer and Swim team. 

Sarah Job is a writer for the Cambridge Matignon Courier. She is in SOCA, student council, and will be playing tennis in the spring. Sarah is always writing but on the off chance she’s not she is interested in costume design and playing the piano.  

Daniel Liu is a reporter for the Cambridge Matignon Courier. He is currently a part of Student Council, Student of Color Association, and Drama Club. He also plays soccer, hockey, and lacrosse. In his free time he likes to go to Mcdonald’s to get his favorite food: a Big Mac sandwich.

Alana Matthews is director of creative content and an active member of the Matignon community. She is currently the president of SUPERCLUB, Vice President of Garden Club, Head of Costumes in the Matignon Drama Company as well as an active member in other student run clubs like Spectrum Club, SOCA, and Science Club. Aside from in school activities, Alana enjoys reading, analyzing movies, and traveling as much as possible. 

Abigail Stiltner is an editor for the Cambridge Matignon Courier. She serves as the secretary of her class and is a member of the Matignon Drama Company. When she’s not writing for the Courier, she has a passion for everything history and enjoys playing piano. 

Nelson Teixeira is an editor for the Cambridge Matignon Courier. He serves as a representative for his class, a member of the Matignon Drama Company, and plays Varsity soccer. Outside of the school that he loves, he writes, travels, reads, sings, and works to leave the world a better place than he arrived in it.

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