Meet the Staff

Ava Berarducci was one the two founders of the Matignon Mirror. She was a part of the Matignon Drama Club, and the Welcome Warriors. Ava also enjoys writing poetry, and hopes to study English and Theater production in college! She is currently attending Le Moyne college in Syracuse, New York.

Angelina Kemmett was one of the two founders of the Matignon Mirror.  She was the president of the Matignon Drama Club for the 2017-18 season, was a captain of the Matignon Dance Team, the secretary of the Matignon chapter of the National Honor Society, a member of the Spanish National Honor Society, and part of the Stream Team. Angelina is currently attending Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts, currently studying English and theater

Gina Petraglia is one of two heads of the Matignon Mirror. She’s currently a senior in high school, the Co-Secretory of Matignon Drama Club, Choir, and Academic Decathlon. She has a passion for writing, and one day she hopes to become a high school teacher.

Maria Aliberti is one of two heads of the Matignon Mirror. She’s the captain of the Academic Decathlon, Treasurer of the Drama Club, and a part of the Choir. In her free time, she enjoys watching horror movies with her friends and getting way too into wrestling matches.

Katie Coviello is a reporter for the Matignon Mirror. She is the Vice President of Drama Club, the president of Women’s Empowerment Club, and the senior Intermediary in Student Council. Outside of school, she enjoys reading, writing, and singing.

Ashley Murphy is a photographer and reporter for the Matignon Mirror.  She is in photography club, SADD, Sustainability club and tri-captain of the volleyball.  In her free time she likes to write and watch netflix. She hopes to pursue a career in the film industry.

Amanda Curran is a reporter for the Matignon Mirror. She is a part of Choir, Dance Team, Step Team, SADD, as well as the student council secretary for the sophomore class. Amanda plays for Matignon’s basketball and lacrosse teams and in her spare time, dances at a studio outside of school.

Tamera Moinuddin is a reporter for the Matignon Mirror and in her sophomore year at Matignon. She is currently a member of Academic Decathlon, Choir, Step Team, Math Club, Science Club, and Students of Color Association. Some of her hobbies are reading, drawing, and spending time with her family and friends.

Constantine Hatzis is a reporter for the Matignon Mirror, he is also a member of Matignon’s Drama Club and Step Team. He enjoys philosophy and political issues, and hopes to find a career that involves one of those topics.

Xicheng He is a reporter and photographer for the Matignon Mirror. He is also a part of the Matignon Photography club, science club, and the math team. Xicheng also likes write diary & taking pictures when traveling, playing tennis, cycling, and many more outdoor activities. His dream school is Cornell University.

Jacqueline Lemieux is a reporter and photographer for the Matignon Mirror. She is also a part of many other Matignon activities, including the Drama Club, the Swim team, and the Welcome Warriors. In her free time, Jacqueline enjoys reading, knitting, and skiing.

Rada Ruggles is a reporter for the Matignon Mirror. She is active in Drama club, Student Council, Welcome Warriors, Choir and Yoga Club. Rada enjoys reading theology books and is looking into becoming a theology teacher after college.